If you are in business for yourself there are at least 2 cards you must havebusiness and thank you.


How many times have you been introduced to someone who might be a prospective client or might be able to connect you to one and you don’t have any business cards to hand them when they look to exchange information? It can be both embarrassing for you and leave a negative impression with the contact when you are not prepared to promote yourself and your business. And, when someone is willing to help you, or just get together at your request how impersonal is the obligatory thank you email?! A handwritten note on stationary (hopefully with the company logo) always inspires a more positive reaction and leaves a lasting impression.

Good, Better, Best

Of course, the excuses range from ‘I have lousy handwriting’ to ‘email is so much faster’, but neither of these stand up to the effort test. This test measures how hard you are willing to work to prove that you truly believe in personal service (especially since you always blather on how your service is better than the competition). Does this mean that you only reach far enough to be better, or you always strive to be the best? And, if you strive to be the best does that mean the best in your industry, or the BEST amongst all the best?

The Bottom Line

The little things like always having a business card in your pocket, or sending handwritten thank you notes after a meeting demonstrate that you are committing to those efforts that can set you apart. Being good enough is not being great. Wanting to be the best will be the motivation that helps you get there. And that’s a message you can use in all your communications — if you live it everyday!

Best regards,

Why Not Marc(keting)