Recently, a friend of mine, at KATZ Americas, introduced me to Camera Awesome and Instagram — 2 fun photo sharing apps — so I could add photographs to my posts on Facebook and Twitter, and keep friends and family members up-to-date on the things going on in my life. The more I played with these cool apps, the more it made think about their potential for use amongst present and future clients. Of course, I’ve never been much of a photographer, but I felt as if I turned into a world-class artist thanks to all the filtering opportunities found in these programs.


As a subject, I have tried to capture my 1 year old puppy, Murphy, in various poses that could exemplify his playful ways.  Below he is leaving the Emerald City (otherwise known as the Ellicott dorm complex at the University at Buffalo) in a field of ‘poppies’ on his way to find the ruby slippers.  This photo was actually much greener in it’s original form, but with a couple of clicks it became an image worthy of a Pulitzer (in my mind).


Having to wait for one of my sons to finish an interview I chose to take a few moments to visit the CanalSide area of downtown.  Once again I was impacted by the color and vibrancy of the day, as well as the history by which I was surrounded.  The Buffalo Niagara CVB could not have asked for a more impressive visual as they look to promote the beauty of this region to potential visitors.  And, they also have the opportunity to encourage tourists to post/tweet/share their memories through photographs, which would likely reach hundreds of thousands of connections as part of a free marketing campaign throughout the world.

What a way to market Buffalo


Although an iPhone photo could not replace the quality of one taken by a commercial photographer I did start to realize that companies could begin to incorporate the fun and flexibility of these handy apps into a photo album (web-based) of the personal side of our their operations, or as part of other marketing materials.  Company newsletters, contests, recruiting brochures, or just to encourage employees and customers into participating in the overall marketing effort as a form of corporate engagement are all possibilities.

Take a moment to explore the mobile tools that are out there — embrace and enjoy them for what they are, and for what they can do for your organization.  The more you understand their power the greater potential you have to successfully deliver your messages to your target markets.

Best regards