A week ago I wrote about issues I have with people who spell my name wrong, despite the fact that it is staring them in the face when they write me through LinkedIn or via email I forgot to mention that there is an exception to the rule — in particular when you are particularly close (as in married or related) to someone named Mark with K.

I understand that the spelling you might think of would automatically take you to that person near and dear to you, even though you know my name is Marc with a C. I certainly have been guilty of the same — was that Patti with an I or Patty with a Y.  Of course, my sensitivity to names makes me think twice about the choice, but I have been known to choose the wrong version. And, if I am writing from a source that is prompting me then the mistake is far less likely to occur.

The bottom line is that sensitivity to the fact that people might spell, or even pronounce a name differently, should always keep you on your toes. And, employing that sensitivity will set you apart from those that assume they have made the right choice. It could make a difference if the person might be interviewing you for a job, or is hoping to build a personal relationship with you. That differentiation in your style will certainly help you be a better marketer.

As always,

Why Not Marc(keting)