bad-interviewInterviews are a tricky beast. Whether you are fresh out of school or a senior exec, there are sure to be some butterflies sneaking into the pit of your stomach. Calm nerves stem from proper preparation – and these foolproof tricks will not only make you stand out, but they will help your mind focus on the task at hand. A recipe for success.

1.  When you shake the interviewer’s hand also look ’em in the eye.

2.  When you look ’em in the eye tell them thank you for giving you this opportunity.

3.  When they ask you about why they should hire you don’t say you are a hard worker (as they wouldn’t hire you if you said you weren’t a hard worker) prove you are a hard worker.

4.  Make sure you have a series of meaningful questions when they ask you if you have any questions.

5.  Know how to tell your story in just a few sentences.

6.  Understand something or somethings that make you stand out from the competition and, when given the chance, tell that story with enthusiasm and passion.

7.  When you’re all done look ’em in the eye, shake their his/her hand, and thank them for taking the time to interview you.

8.  Make sure you get the interviewer’s business card.
9.  Compose a handwritten note and send it out within 24 hours (if not a lot faster).
Do your due diligence, be yourself and remember these 9 Techniques That Will Make You Stand Out… and don’t forget to smile!