Why Not Marketing, a local marketing communications firm, recently developed and launched a new website for The New York Store, a clothing retailer located in Lancaster, NY. The New York Store has been in business for over 84 years and offers primarily men’s, but also women’s name brand clothing and accessories, as well as tuxedo rentals.

The agency secured hosting, and the www.new-york-store.com domain name, and redesigned and developed the new site for the client. The newly launched website showcases the broad range of products and services the store has to offer. It features an e-commerce shopping catalog where customers can browse products and easily order them online. The site also features a live Facebook feed and email signup form.

“Our goal was to enhance the online shopping experience for New York Store customers. We accomplished this by improving the navigation, eliminating clutter, and adding vibrant images to give the site a more professional look. And we made the site more interactive,” said Marc Adler, owner of Why Not Marketing. “By incorporating a live Facebook feed, customers can easily keep up with new product offerings, trends, and news from the store.”Why Not Marketing also provided assistance in setting up the store’s Facebook page, which quickly grew, increasing its following—via grassroots efforts—by 40% within the first few months. The agency also provides ongoing marketing and consultation services.