AMHERST, N.Y. – Why Not Marketing, a local marketing communications firm, was named as the agency of record for Allen Street Poutine Company, one of the area’s newly opened restaurants.

Two Canadian restaurateurs from Fort Erie opened Allen Street Poutine Company in late March, to fill a niche market in Buffalo for authentic poutine. French fries, gravy, and cheese curds are the core ingredients in poutine, a food that originated in Quebec, Canada. Allen Street makes their fries and gravy in-house and uses cheddar curds from Yancey’s Fancy out of Corfu. Vegan and gluten free options are available, and to add to the Canadian element, they offer Canadian snack options.

Why Not Marketing was hired by Allen Street to provide marketing and consultation services along with social media outreach for the restaurant. The agency’s first order of business was to help the restaurant promote its grand opening and help spread the word. The agency created and is responsible for Allen Street’s Instagram and Twitter pages, both of which have amassed hundreds of followers, as well as their Facebook page, which has grown from zero to several thousand followers.

“Allen Street Poutine Company is a different kind of restaurant with a different kind of fare, attracting patrons from both sides of the border,” said Marc Adler, president, Why Not Marketing. “We have had great success using images, videos and surveys on social media channels and so far, the restaurant following has grown at an astronomical rate.”