Why Not Marketing, a local marketing communications firm has announced that Casey Machine Co. has named them their agency of record.

Casey Machine Co. is a privately held, family run business located in Lancaster, N.Y. They were incorporated in 1976 and have been making high-precision turned and milled component parts for forty years. Casey manufactures parts for all industries, but maintains a heavy focus on aerospace, fluid power and commercial industrial markets, specializing in close tolerance machining and deburring of component parts.

Why Not Marketing will help to determine and plan the company’s marketing strategy and implementation. The agency will also provide ongoing marketing consultation, creative and public relations services.

“Casey Machine is in a highly competitive industry. They needed to tell their story and find a way to set themselves apart from the masses — and both the management and staff at Casey are fully engaged in the process,” said Owner, Marc Adler. “Crafting that message and getting it out to the right people is the primary focus of our initial efforts.”