Two Canadian business partners were opening a business in Buffalo, NY with a Canadian product that the Buffalo market was marginally familiar with; they needed to create awareness and needed a way to communicate directly with their audience.


Finding the best channels to reach your audience


Start with social media. Why Not Marketing created Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and started to build a following.

Phase one used word-of-mouth and cross-promotion between social media sites to start gaining exposure. Content including video shorts and colorful images of menu items as well as the restaurant’s progress as it opened and added features, and fast facts about poutine — a product not easily found in Buffalo. It caught the eyes of followers and they responded with interaction and sharing. The key was posting content that sparked interest, promoted discussion, and was sharable.

Phase two included promotion of posts. Why Not used social media channels to reach out to followers to get feedback on menu items and participate in selection of what would be added (or eliminated) from the menu. Determining a daily budget and using Facebook’s advertising portal to promote posts, brought even more awareness.

As a result, Allen Street developed a direct line to over 4,000 collective followers within the first few months of opening.