Kraftwerks website was in need of an overhaul. At over 900 pages, it was difficult to navigate and need a new, more updated look.


Why Not Marketing met with the Kraftwerks team to learn about who they were and what they were about. The discovery process of planning the website included determining the main purpose of the site, as well as what other valuable roles it needed to fill for both the organization’s internal and external customers. Why Not Marketing also needed to update the Kraftwerks logo and tagline. The biggest problem was determined to be the sheer size of the site, which was around 900 pages. The site needed better organization and it needed to be easier for Kraftwerks staff, and more importantly their clients, to navigate.


Kraftwerks wanted to be known as an expert in space planning, design, and product knowledge. The newly created Kraftwerks logo was simple and clean with a new tagline “Creating space. Maximizing productivity.”

The website was streamlined, eliminating unnecessary and duplicated information. Individual product pages were consolidated and things were neatly grouped and organized, making them easy to find. New product images were collected directly from the manufacturers and placed with product descriptions. Kraftwerks’ digital product catalog was transferred to the new site and an updated catalog cover was created for the printed version, as well as a new product line card. A case study template was created for the website, as well as a template for Kraftwerks to create internal project posters to showcase what the organization and its employees had accomplished. The website also included a sidebar showcasing a featured product and newsletter signup.

Why Not Marketing provided in-house training so Kraftwerks staff would be able to make immediate updates to the website content. Kraftwerk’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages were also updated to match the look of the new website.