Northtowns Orthopedics Group needed marketing help. Their past marketing had been done on an ‘as needed’ basis, so it was done without planning and lacked a consistent look and style.


Why Not Marketing was tasked with formulating and implementing a strategic marketing plan, which would begin with new branding. The team met with Northtowns’ practice manager and spoke with many of their physicians in order to become acquainted with who they were and what messages were important to them.


The first step was to select a color scheme for the group’s branding. Soft colors were used, which would be used in all marketing pieces and in the group’s website providing a unique, representative look. The Northtowns Orthopedics logo was the first item updated with those colors.

The next step was to update the website and create a social media presence. The website created by the Why Not Marketing team was designed to showcase the group’s physicians and the services provided, but also to serve as an information portal for clients. The site included educational materials and videos, as well as insurance information and downloadable forms. Why Not Marketing created a Facebook page for the group and started to build a following through content marketing.

Lastly, the team created a press kit, which included a brochure, physician and services information sheets with a cover letter outlining the group’s strengths and areas of expertise. Why Not Marketing filtered the new branding elements through all promotional pieces including billboards, banners, lobby signs, rack cards, handout sheets for ailments, patient referral cards, appointment cards, doctor announcement mailers and ad templates.

Why Not Marketing also assisted the group with promoting their new After-Hours Urgent Orthopedic Care service including billboards, mailers, website updates, and a media release.