St. Francis High School’s existing marketing was piecemeal, lacking strategy and a cohesive message or design. In addition, they faced a shrinking demographic pool coupled with a challenging economy. They needed direction on how to best promote the school to increase freshman enrollment.


First, Why Not Marketing listened, meeting with staff members to hear to their challenges, fears, and concerns. They worked closely with key stakeholders to establish clear, measurable goals and strategized a more consistent, cohesive marketing effort to achieve them.

The school’s most important message was that the school laid the foundation for success and it was a catalyst to students’ professional and personal growth. The message, which needed to weave through all marketing efforts, was Success Begins at St. Francis.

The main recruiting event was the school’s annual fall Open House. The marketing for this effort campaign included a four-part direct mail series including a 3-D mailer, digital billboards, print ads, posters for elementary schools, a DVD cover, and brochure. The message of success was tied to three key areas: academics, athletics and fine arts.


Students were asked to envision or ‘picture’ themselves achieving success at the school in academics, athletics, or fine arts. Professionally photographed students holding picture frames were used in the creative to bring life to the theme “Can you Picture It?” Picture frames were distributed at the Open House as a keepsake. This campaign tied the personal reason(s) students were interested in the school with different measures and qualities of success, which was directly tied into the school’s primary message — Success Begins at St. Francis.